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"The hardest part is making the decision to start but once you're in, Tarsh will help to guide you and fill you with such positivity -You'll absolutely never look back! Hands down the best thing I've ever done for myself.".


"Tarsh is so caring, passionate and understanding. I first linked in with Tarsha because I was struggling with finding purpose, I was lacking energy and feeling at an all time low.

I was not in a good place within myself.

Through our sessions, Tarsh taught me life-long skills about understanding my strengths, helping me to find purpose and direction in my life. 


I gained new found energy and motivation to complete things in my life that I actually enjoyed doing! I changed jobs and left a toxic work environment and made drastic decisions about further education which I definitely would have delayed and remained stagnant with without her help.


I cannot thank Tarsh enough and encourage everyone to take the plunge and start the coaching sessions!".



                  Some more kind words...     

"Tarsh’s enthusiasm for my recovery is amazing. Not once has Tarsh given up on the process, my recovery, or me".


"Her tenacity has gotten some important (to me) deadlines met from seemingly hopeless situations; juxtaposed recently with genuine concern for my mental and physical state when I was so frustrated and wanted to just walk away from everything. Tarsh is an excellent person to have on my team. Tarsh thanks for your ongoing support. You really are a rockstar. Again, thank you for you".


Lisa Kennedy

Mindset + Confidence Coach

"I had never worked with a coach before but after our first session together I knew I had made an amazing choice for myself! Tarsha held a beautiful and supportive space for me and I felt motivated and inspired every time we spoke"


"When I first started my coaching series with Tarsha I was struggling with self-confidence and I also wanted to work on being calmer and more focused. 

I'm now well on my way to feeling confident in myself and I have started two beautiful self-care practices that have changed my self-worth for the better! Tarsha is a very insightful and caring coach and I highly recommend her if you are wanting to make positive changes in your life but don't know where to start".

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"You are beyond words, such an amazing, beautiful person through and through. I am just so happy to have met you and to have your guidance".


"Thank you never seems to be enough Tarsh. You are so wonderful, an absolute treasure"


"I had never done anything ike this and thought, maybe I need to do something different to finally make a change". 

"The biggest change I noticed from coaching with Tarsh was my confidence grew and I stopped overthinking as much".


Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 9.27.41 pm.png

"From the first consult with Tarsha I knew that I was going to grow, but never did I expect the transformations that would start to occur". 

"So much is changing: the way I look at the world. The way I look at myself. My language. My inner self talk. My actions. My reactions. Every session with Tarsh you walk away feeling the shift".


Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 9.24.24 pm.png

"I began a coaching series with Tarsha because I longed for more balance, energy & peace. I basically had no time for myself, felt like I was hiding in my own home" 

"I felt like I was stuck. Even though I tried to read into strategies to become more 'happy' again, it wasn't enough. My relationship was at its lowest and I just could not keep going like that.


I felt like if I would not step into action any time soon, I'd collapse at some stage (mental breakdown). I was hoping for some guidance our of my stuck situation and that's exactly what I received".



"Well firstly Tarsh - I can’t thank you enough, you’ve made me feel worthwhile again. I could not have gotten through without your constant support, encouragement and guidance. I will be forever grateful for the times that you did go the extra mile to keep me focused on getting healthy again and confident to get back to work".


"Tarsha, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your help and dedication to me as your client. It really makes a difference when someone like you shows empathy and understanding, but also focuses on the positives and reflecting back all the positive changes that have occurred in my life and work. My deepest gratitudes' ".


"Working with Tarsh has given me a new lease on life. I look back at when I first started my coaching series and the erson who I was feels like a long distance memory. I can openly say that was my lowest point and now its unrecognisable" 

"Investing in myself by completing Tarsha's coaching program not only helped me achieve my goals, but gave me life changing practices & new perspective that I will certainly use throughout life".

"Having Tarsh as my Life + Mindset coach has been fun, challenging and insightful to say the least, it has been LIFE CHANGING, and for that I will forever be grateful."


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