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Want to cultivate deeper connections? Then read this!

Saturday afternoon I sat in an outdoor courtyard of this trendy cafe in Orange NSW, having a completely transparent, raw, unashamedly honest discussion with one of my most cherished girlfriends.

In true form, I was discussing topics that im sure would've been making the table of four adjacent blush - or at least listen with intense curiosity haha!!

As a friend of mine, she's well acquainted to convervations like this. I hear her laughing at me on the other end of the phone whilst offering sweet words of support and sharing her own stories.

You see, when I reached out to my girlfriend about this blog post, she said something so eloquent, so on point that it just had to be shared:

'I believe cultivating deeper connections requires .... vulnerability'.

She nailed it. She understands that true vulnerability allows us to cultivate deeper connections. Deeper connections with those people that are in our lives already and with those who we wish to attract.

So how do you become more vulnerable?

I'm talking about being vulnerable in a way that is endearing and draws people closer to you - not pushes them away.

I've given this some thought. I believe it's an accumulation of a number of personal factors which need to align for you to feel truly comfortable with being vulnerable.

I believe you need to possess a certain amount of:

  • self -awareness

  • insight

  • confidence

  • self-acceptance

* and it certainly gets a lot easier when you stop giving a fu*ck about what other people think of you.

Yes, these are big areas to work upon. I know, and upon reflection, I've been working on these areas for YEARS! (Come to think of it, if I had worked with a Life Coach way back when I started my self-development journey, I would've achieved a hell of a lot more in a shorter amount of time ... oh well, live and learn).

So, my advice:

Start with the people closest to you.

Start with the friends who have known you for years and love you unconditionally anyway.

Start being more open with them first.

I guarantee you will feel amazing afterwards. Because it feels GOOOOD to open up. And im all about anything that makes you feel good.

It becomes enticing, thrilling even, to be so raw. And you know - more often than not, the person who you're talking to will open up too. If not right away, then they now know you are someone who will hold space for them and be there for them when they ARE ready to open up.


Later that same day, after I left the trendy cafe, I was at a winery sipping a glass of Chardonnay by the fire. The 30 something year old woman who had been pouring my wine tastings was now sitting across from me by the fire - she mentioned something about having too much oil on her piece of bread - I said something like "well oils are great for your hormones!" - and with that said, we spent the next 20 minutes opening up about our collective hormonal woes.

We were both being vulnerable - and we instantly felt connected to one another.

I can confidently say that because, as I was leaving, she said that she could've spoken to me all day.

In such a short amount of time we had already cultivated a deep connection - and you know what - that is a pretty bloody amazing quality to have.


Feel free to reach out to me if you feel like you could use some loving support in becoming more vulnerable and open. I love to coach women who want to reclaim their health, happiness & sensuality - live a vibrant + fulfilling life and embody their inner goddess.

Find out how you can work with me here xx

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