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My Self Love Rituals (that you might love too!)

We all know self-care and self-love are important. But how many of us actually incorporate self-care rituals into our everyday lives? Not many, if any... (Yep, that song is in my head now too, sorry!)

I want this post to encourage you to actually incorporate some self-love rituals into your days. I find it helps having a self-love / self-care 'day of the week', where you honour yourself, your body, your desires and spend time treating yourself, for no other reason than to show yourself some loving kindness.

You'll be amazed at how your mindset changes when you start incorporating some self-love practices into your life. When we start to respect ourselves and treat ourselves with love, it goes beyond simply adding another thing to your to do list. Your whole perspective changes. You start showing yourself love in all areas of your life; relationships, finances, spending habits, food choices, other habits and routines.

Start showing yourself love and treating yourself like the divine goddess you are, and you'll be fucking AMAZED at how every other area in your life improves as a result.

From my experience, I started choosing meals and buying food that would honour the loving kindness I am showing my body. Instead of feeling shitty therefore eating shitty, I would choose foods and beverages that I know will make me feeeeel good.

For example, (and its a silly little example but it's all i've got right now) - I LOOVE sparking water. It feels like a treat for me. So when I want to show myself some love, I buy myself a large glass bottle of sparkling water. It feels boujee to me - but its inexpensive and easily accessible. Most importantly when I drink it, it feels goooood, and I acknowledge that i'm filling my body up with essential minerals that my body requires. I acknowledge the needs of my body and I give it what it needs. I show it love when it needs it the most.

It takes time to change your current practices. But it's the most beneficial change you could ever make in your life.

So with that... here is the juicer version of my self-love practices....

Its not the essential list, and I don't do these things everyday, but I do them often enough -  and I especially incorporate them into my days when im not feeling 100%.  

  • Listen to my 'Sensual, Sultry Spotify Playlist'

  • Cover my breasts in an essential oil blend for sensuality

  • Give my body a sensual massage with macadamia oil

  • Honour my desires during ovulation with my crystal pleasure wand

  • Treat my body to a long bath with magnesium salts, essential oils, candles & music 

  • Play my 'Stripper Tunes' Spotify playlist while dancing around the lounge room with a glass of wine in hand

  • Indulge in a hip opening, naked yoga class 

I hope this list stirs something inside of you and gets your motivated to start incorporating some self-love practices into your life. Just for you.

And when you do - share with me your self-love rituals in the comments below!

If you feel that you would like some loving support and accountability to change your current habits and incorporate some self-love practices into your day, then feel free to reach out to me. I only have two coaching spots left for August 2020! x

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