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My client reveals what it's like to work with me....

From the first consult with Tarsha I knew that I was going to grow and learn and have some progress towards my goals but never did I expect the transformations that would start to occur.

I’m half way through my sessions with Tarsha and so much of who I am is changing; the way I look at the world - the way I look at myself. My language, my inner self talk. My actions, my reactions...

It’s easy to feel like the time between sessions goes past so quickly that there couldn’t possibly be time for big shifts to be occurring. You let the doubts creep in and think to yourself "I’ve tried to change before and it didn’t work so this won’t be any different" - but then every session you walk away feeling the shift.

The action plan you make and do between sessions demonstrates that shift. Sometimes you recognise the shifts, other times you don’t even recognise the shift within yourself until you are back in another session. And as you delve in, it becomes abundantly clear that things are moving and changing and it is intense!

It’s exhilarating and rewarding and the growing pains are real.

The moments of doubt become less and less and the feeling of comfort around this better and better. It’s not always linear growth. Sometimes you step back to move forward. But there’s an awareness and a recognition of what’s happening and why.

Triggers start to have less and less hold on you. Your inner voice becomes your cheerleader not your critic and Tarsha is what can only be described as the most magic mirror that lets you see yourself for all that you are and all that you can be.

She shines light into your darkest spaces and uncovers the shadows until you too can appreciate everything that stares back at you. And suddenly the things that were holding you back are now the things that propel you forward. The fear of not achieving what you are possible of is so much bigger than the fear of stepping out of your comfort zone.

From the most vulnerable of places comes the bravest version of yourself. You see the growth you still want to have as a reward and not a punishment.

You can read every self help book, listen to every podcast and do the inner work but there is nothing that compares to working with a life coach who with compassion, intelligence, integrity helps you work through things one on one while creating a space where you can be more vulnerable than you ever thought possible while feeling completely safe.

It is without question the best decision I have made and I’m not even finished. Do yourself a favour. Book a consult. Your future best life will thank you.

If you want to experience similar shifts in your life then reach out to me via DM on social media or through the contact me page and we'll schedule in a 30min complimentary consult for you xo

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