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How to create a sensual boudoir & enjoy greater pleasure!

As an Occupational Therapist, I have a unique privilege that allows me to enter peoples homes and observe two of their most private rooms - the bedroom & the bathroom.

Im often quite surprised by what I find, particularly in the bedroom ....

A bedroom should be a place for two things - sleep & sex.

However, I see so many cluttered, dark, overcrowded bedrooms filled with electronics -creating this feeling of complete disharmony as you enter the room. The energy of the space is all consuming and completely overwhelming on the senses.

More often than not, the women who reside in these spaces tell me they're feeling overwhelmed, stressed-out and struggle with intimacy - either with cultivating intimacy or igniting intimacy with their current partner.

I believe women underestimate the effects that their surroundings have on their emotional & spiritual wellbeing. Studies have shown that the state of the environment around you has a huge impact on your mood and general wellbeing.

So what can you do about it?!

If your bedroom has any of the following - then it needs an update asap!:

- Clutter: I'm talking clothes on the floor or bed, dirty clothes basket over flowing, clothes chucked into cupboards, over-packed cupboards, crap on the floor, over crowded vanity etc

- Electronics: The TV MUST GO! It does not belong in the bedroom. Its a buzz kill. It allows for disconnection and disharmony between you and your partner in a space where there should only be intimacy, connection and relaxation with your loved one/s. REMOVE the goddamn TV and your relationships will change instantly.

PHONES: This is a tricky one - I realise people use their phone as their alarm. But ideally, your phone should be on charge in another room. *I shouldn't have to mention this but I will - DO NOT bring your work laptop to bed. Do not bring those vibes into your intimate space. It will make you wired and your brain won't know how to shut off causing insomnia - please don't do that to yourself.

- Old worn out mattresses, bedding and flat worn out old pillows: You spend decades of your life sleeping - please support your spine and your overall respiratory health and stop sleeping on unsupportive mattresses and old bed sheets filled with all kinds of germs and bed bugs. It aint good for you, and your back will thank you for it.

- Unmade bed: One of the best ways to start the morning feeling productive and like you've achieved something is to make your bed. Plus there's nothing more pleasing than coming home to a neatly made bed.

Creating a sacred boudoir ....

  1. Clear the clutter! Tidy, fold, wipe down surfaces & put away the seasonal clothes you don't need right now. Remove unnecessary furniture & other miscellaneous items

  2. Remove the electronics! Change your behaviours around electronic use in the bedroom

  3. Reflect on how you want to feel in your bedroom. Is it where you want to feel relaxed and calm? Is it where you will embody your sensuality and ignite intimacy? Knowing this will guide your design choices

  4. Ignite your senses! Once you know how you want to feel, start decorating with elements that ignite all your senses - Smell - Sight - Taste - Touch - Sound

Some ideas for your sacred boudoir:

- Velvet throws or flannel bedding in winter & silk sheets or linen bedding in summer

- Natural light, fresh air & consider waking with the sunrise

- Create an intimate book shelf

- Hang some sensual photos (even better if it's of yourself!)

- Body oils, perfumes, massage oil & body butter

- Scents of Ylang Ylang, Lavender & Jasmine or musky tones of leather, spice and vanilla

- Self-pleasure & sexual essentials

- Scented candles, reed diffusers or incense

- Lighting is important. Change those bright globes and replace with a warm glow or better yet - just use candle light

- Air purifying indoor plants - think Devils Ivy, Peace Lily, Weeping Fig

I'd love to know if this post motivated you to revamp your own bedroom - let me know in the comments below x


If you feel that you would like some loving support and accountability to change your current habits and manifest more intimacy in your life then why not reach out to me via DM on social media or through the contact me page and we'll schedule in a 30min complimentary consult for you xo

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