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Love & Sensuality | Energetic Healing Kit

Intention of this kit: Attract unconditional love into your life & harness your innate sensuality


Who is this kit for? 

Ideal for women who want to increase their sexual magnetism, heal themselves from heartbreak & ignite the feminine goddess within. Utilise this energetic healing kit to release negative emotions that have become stuck in your energetic field blocking you from attracting love into your life. 


What's included: 


Love & Sensuality Essential Oil: Rose Geranium + Ylang Ylang + Clary Sage + Orange 

Evoke your intuitive feminine powers, boost your self-confidence & ignite your sexual desire


  • Palo Santo: Purify & cleanse your soul with the sacred intoxicating scent of Palo Santo


  • Carnelian: Carnelian ignites your sexual energy, filling you with wild passion, intimacy & desire


  • Rose Quartz: Evoke the divine feminine goddess within to attract love in all forms; romantic, self-love and self-compassion 


  • Amethyst: Deeply transform, tap into your intuition & release fear of the unknown in order to attract love on all levels 

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