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Calm & Balanced | Energetic Healing Kit

Intention of this kit: Release negative emotions, cleanse your energetic field & connect with your higher self. 


Who is this kit for? 

Ideal for overthinkers, empaths and anyone who is feeling weighed down with negative energy. Utilise this energetic healing kit to release negative energy and negative emotions that have become stuck in your energetic field. 


What's included: 


Calm & Balanced Essential Oil: Lavender + Frankinscense + Geranium 

Sooth an overactive mind, heal emotional wounds & revitilise a mind burdened with anxiety, tension & stress. 


  • Palo Santo: Spiritually purify & cleanse negative energy & restore tranquility & calm 


  • Amazonite: Soothes the mind releasing nervousness & negativity 


  • Rose Quartz: Promotes unconditional self love, self-compassion & healing of the heart chakra. 


  • Howlite: Supports overactive minds to find peace, clam & achieve balance. 

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